Daddy’s Club Night

“Dad, are you really going to be wearing that?” came my voice from across the room. It was my daughter, of course. Ever since I cast the spell to switch bodies with her, she’d been watching me a lot more closely.

“Well, I’m not going to be wearing my old clothes, that would be strange,” I responded.

“Are you really sure that this friend of yours will know how to switch us back?” The poor thing. I didn’t tell her that it was me all along that did this. She had to have some suspicions after nearly two weeks of “searching for a cure” and coming up empty. She had to give up eventually.

“I sure hope so, sweetie,” I responded, pulling up the leather pants over my daughter’s tight ass. Tonight, I planned to go home with a well-hung stud and my ass needed to look amazing. My newly acquired friends tell me that the club tonight is going to be filled with some good lays. It’d better, because Daddy needs to get his ass split open tonight. God, I love being a sexy, slutty woman, even if it is my daughter.


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