Hilary’s Unfortunate Morning Part 2

It had been three months since the magic of the stone had failed, and three months since Hilary woke up with her new massive breasts, and equally massive ass. Since then she had learned to own her new form. Plenty of men paid well to have a night with “Huge Hilary’s heavy hangers”, and she had started to enjoy it. She hadn’t even bothered to buy bras to fit her new tits; she just let them go free in a low-cut top wherever she went, and watch as the men flocked to her at the local bars. Sometimes one would even impress her, and he’d get to have a go with her. Her favorite way was to be taken from behind. She just loved the way her tits would sway and wobble as they slapped against each other, her ass quaking with every thrust.
She had gone a long way from regretting her wish.


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