My girlfriend just broke up with me and my parents are siding with my girlfriend, that I am being the bad boyfriend. Not only is she leaving me, but she is taking half of everything I own, the only actual thing of worth that she is letting me keep is the house we bought together, so long as I get another person to cosign for it again. In all of my anguish and guilt, I am happy to get the house.
A knock on the door breaks the silence. As I open the door, there appears to be no one there. I look down and there on the steps is a butterfly in a jar. I bent down and open the jar to release the butterfly. Instead of flying off it seemed to try to latch itself to me and bite me. Immense pain traversed my body and I could feel some sort of warmth pass through my veins. As the pain wrapped my body and head, my vision became blurred. My center of gravity began to shift, and I could feel my self falling down and blacking out.
When I awoke my head felt heavy for some reason, and my body felt warm from being outside. I tried to think of what I was doing outside, suddenly a cute little butterfly flew and latched onto my hair. Just then I remembered that I was looking for a new roommate to cosign the house. I may be well…. As I would put it sexy as all hell. I could get any male or female roommate I wanted. This small butterfly in my hair was a god-send. I guess it is time for me to go hit the bar and find a roommate … male or female.


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