Low on Cash

Cash was tight, but what else was new? Tom’s criminal record made it hard for him to hold down a job, and there were only so many times the sperm bank would allow paid donations. There had to be some other way for him to make money.

Luckily, a promising opportunity presented itself soon enough. A local pharmaceutical company needed male test subjects for a new drug, paying a hefty sum for taking just one sample of the stuff. Naturally, Tom jumped at the opportunity, collecting his paycheck and a single pink pill. He tossed the pill into his mouth without a second thought and returned home, feeling richer than he had in a long time.

The afternoon went by mostly without incident, but Tom began to feel a strange tingle all over his skin, like something was stirring beneath the surface. “Must be the side effects,” he reasoned, not thinking much of it. However, as the hours ticked by the tingling sensation worsened, becoming a burning ache that raged through his entire body. Groaning, he stumbled to the shower and turned on the cold water in an attempt to cool off, but to no avail. The fire raged even harder, and Tom collapsed to his knees with a scream.

Through the pain, Tom was able to sense strange changes happening to his body–bones shifting and creaking, muscles rearranging themselves, and a horrible, pulsing pain in his face. He felt his hips widen and his ass thicken, creating a smooth curve that ran from his waist to down to his now plump thighs. His torso suddenly seized with pain as two generous round breasts sprouted from his chest, and he moaned in agony as his facial features softened and his dark hair grew at an astonishing rate. Finally, with a final stab of pain, his penis shriveled and shrunk into his pelvis, leaving behind the tiny pink of fold of a pussy.

Tom lay shivering in the cold water of his shower for a few minutes before finally getting out of the tub and stumbling toward a mirror. Mouth agape in shock, he bore witness to what the strange pink pill had done to his body–where once had stood a gaunt, ragged thirty-something male, there now stood a sexy, toned brunette, with smooth, round curves and mass in all the right places.

At first Tom was horrified; even furious, perhaps. However, the longer he stared at his new, gorgeous form, the more he began to enjoy it. Suddenly, an inkling of an idea sprouted in his head. Leaning forward, he tried swaying his hips back and forth. To his delight, they complied perfectly to his will, rotating seductively. Tom’s new, pink lips twisted into a seductive smile. It looked like his money problem might have been solved.

Two months later, the individual formerly known as Tom was rolling in dough. Now going my the name Tamara, (s)he had risen to become one of the most sought-after and desired camgirls on the Internet. She could make her sexy body move in all the right ways; speaking from experience, she knew what guys wanted. She’d lately been receiving calls from various “film producers” who wanted to utilize her talents–some even suggested she go hardcore. The idea first seem abhorrent to Tamara, but, the more she thought about it, the more appealing it sounded. It was only for the money, not the sex, of course. Right?


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