Fun Times Ahead

Jack (16) and David (16) were twins. One night they were on their laptop when they found some downloadable Software named ”The Master PC”.

Out of interest they downloaded it and opened it up. They were welcomed with a screen saying ” Have the power to alter appearences ”. They boys looked at each other in sheer excitement. They wanted to try it out but had no test subjects.

They decided to try it out on each other. But who was going first? They opted to do Rock, Paper, Sciccors and Jack lost miserably.

David typed Jack’s name into the Master PC and a naked 3D model of Jack rotated on the screen. First he changed Jacks gender and found Jack would be a dissapointing 32AA Cup.

Jack felt the odd new jiggles when he moved and the weird emptyness between his legs. He a Looked down his vest and noticed his tits and they turned him on. The new warm and moist sensation between his legs was overwhelming.

David’s eyes locked onto the ”Bra Size” dial and he turned it right up.

Jack’s felt an odd tingling sensation in his breasts as they grew from AA to JJ Cups within seconds. The pressure was too intense for him and he had to whip them out of his vest.

David’s eyes popped out of his head and his dick grew Hard. He couldn’t wait for what fun they could have with this. But for now to turn Jack into a sex obsessed Bimbo so David could have his First Lay with his ideal women……


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