Love My Life

I couldn’t help but look back at my girlfriend. She was pleasuring herself to the sight of me.

“God yes, fuck my little whore. Show her what it means to be dominated.”

I had started dating this girl a few years ago. She was amazing; smart, funny, unbelievably hot. I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world.

After a while, our relationship changed. Slowly but surely, she started to dominate every part of my life.

It started off small. She’d tell me what to eat, what to wear. I didn’t mind. I was a little concerned when she started taking so much charge in the bedroom, but I still wasn’t complaining. It was honestly pretty hot.

Things started to snowball from there. She told me to let my hair grow out, and insisted I start putting on make-up. I tried to protest, but she had completely dominated me. I couldn’t say no. She started buying me frilly dresses and sexy lingerie. Despite some humiliation, it was actually making me incredibly horny!

I knew things had really changed when she started injecting me with female hormones. The first time she brought them up, I completely submitted. If she wanted me to be her sexy lesbian lover, then that’s what I’d be.

After lots of hormones and several surgeries, here I am. My girlfriend says I’m the pinnacle of sexiness. She loves my long, dark hair, my big, innocent eyes, my plump lips. She loves my big breasts and my huge ass. Most of all, she likes watching me get fucked. Lucky for her, I love getting fucked.

I love my girlfriend. I love my life.


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