Shape Shifting for Good

When I discovered that I was a shapeshifter, I promised myself that I would use my powers for good and to make people’s lives better. Since then, I’ve used my power to turn myself into a teacher and pass someone who just barely failed a class and other good deeds like that, but I never thought I would use them like I did a week ago.

“Man… I’m never going to get a girl.” Greg said while sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand.

“Don’t worry man, it will happen!” I replied, not sure what else to tell him.

Just then, I came up with an idea. I never used my power this way, but I would be able to take the form of a hot girl, compliment him and bit, maybe even give him a kiss, and make him feel better about his life! I managed to convince him to come out to the clubs with me even though he was in a shitty mood, and we got dressed up in our suits. We hopped in a cab, arrived, and downed some drinks as we usually did. After that, I headed to the back of the club and started my shift in a spot where no one could see me.

I felt vision go white as it usually did when I shifted, and when it returned, my center of balance was really off. I looked down and the first thing I saw was a pair of big tits with my own brown hair falling to the sides of them. I was a pretty attractive woman, which is exactly what I planned to shift into. My tight black dress hugged my curves nicely and left me with a lot of cleavage. Now it was time to head over to Greg.

I walked over to the bar where Greg was sitting, heading for the free spot that was my male form’s seat. I noticed myself struggling a bit in the six inch black high heels I had given myself, but managed to get there in one piece. On my way there, many men approached me or even grabbed my bubble butt without talking to me first but I ignored it instead of making a scene. I finally got to Greg.

“Mind if I sit here?” I asked with my new and feminine voice.

“Uhm…y-yeah… sure.” He replied shyly.

I made small talk with him for a while, eventually dragging him to the dance floor where I rapped my arms around his neck and put his hands on my hips. This was all so odd for me, but I made it this far so I might as well have continued. I pulled him in for a deep kiss and he seemed surprised but went for it anyways. We kissed for a couple of minutes, pressing the fronts of our bodies against each other on the dance floor. I felt his erection press against my leg and tried my best to ignore it. Eventually he grabbed my hand and brought me to his car and we headed to our apartment. This was when I realized I had put myself in a bad situation. I realized that he thought I was this babe that had the hots for him instead of being his friend, and that we were going to his apartment to continue from where we left off. I couldn’t change back in front of him, so I knew I was stuck doing the dirty unless I broke the truth to him. I decided that I would do what I had to do, and that it wouldn’t be so bad since he didn’t know who I really was and no one would find out.

We made out for a while after getting to his room. He grabbed my ass firmly and started groping my tits. I knew where this was headed. He pulled me over him while he laid down on the bed and I straddled him, rubbing my butt against his erection and feeling him tense up.

“Can you… uh… give me head?” He said nervously, “I’ve never gotten head before…”

“Uhm… Sure…” I replied awkwardly, promising myself that this was going to be a one time thing.

I moved myself towards his pants, unbuttoning them and puling them down as well as his underwear. This revealed his decent sized erect dick. I said something having to do with being impressed to stroke his ego a big and grabbed it, feeling it tense up in arousal almost instantly. I wrapped my mouth around the tip, bobbing my head on his dick slowly but heard him grunt as he came. I smiled a bit, trying to hold in a laugh.

“I’m sorry…” He muttered, embarrassed.

“It’s okay hon, it was fun while it lasted!” I said, smiling at him, desperate to get out of my own apartment and return as myself.


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