Glen asked what was the secret new lotion his buddy Brent had discovered. Brent said it was magic. Glen asked if he could try, as it was a type of sex lube, and he wanted to see how it felt. Brent smiled and agreed.

Later by the pool, while Glen was waiting to try the lube, Brent got his cock ready along with his magic spell. He turned to a shocked Glen and came on him! Glen was freaked at first, then suddenly morphed into a busty blonde still wearing just the shorts she had on as a man earlier, leaving her new chest exposed to the cum spewing onto it.

Almost instinctively with lust and desire Glen grabbed Brent’s cock while it was still shooting cum, and spread it evenly on his new breasts. He was overwhelmed with the changes, but also overwhelmed with slutty urges for men and cock. When the last of the cum hit Glen’s new tits, he screamed in orgasm, and his pussy exploded with juices, spraying his shorts, as his body shuddered and tingled.

Once Glen calmed down, he asked why and how to Brent, and Brent just smiled saying it was magic with his cum that made this possible. He said that Glen wanted to try it, and didn’t ask about side effects, so here he is now, a she, and busty beautiful she at that. Glen stood there his huge cum covered boobs exposed, with his new huge lips around his mouth open in shock. He hefted his boobs, then felt his new pussy, then his long blonde hair, and said he couldn’t believe this, in his new sexy high voice.

Brent said to believe it, the change was real, it was sex lube, and now he was ready for sex with Brent. Brent said when he recharges he would be ready to rock Glen’s new hot wet vagina. Glen just stood there grasping the boobs again with his now tiny hands, in amazement and stunned disbelief. The he looked back at Brent, and couldn’t help but lust for him, seeing some of the dried cum on his sunglasses, cum from this handsome stud in front of him, Brent.

Brent said Glen would now be his sex slave and girlfriend and the change was permanent. Brent said not to worry though, with his new urges, sex with him or any man would be out of lust and desire. He also said Glen’s new name would be Hannah, and perhaps someday Hannah would even be his trophy wife. Hannah didn’t know what to do or say, but her lust was making her want to “do” Brent that was for certain.


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