Losing Years, Not Prom Dates: Part Two (As request

As Marie got used to her new teenage self, she realized that her son would be home soon. And the thought of this drove her small body insane. Her tits flared, she swore she could feel a pulse in her tight, virgin pussy, and she started touching herself. And just as her son pulled into the driveway, she scurried to find clothes, but realized they’d be useless if her main intention was to get them off as soon as possible. Marie’s son enters the house,

“Ma? I’m home!” he places the car keys on the table. “Ma, are you home??” He starts looking around the ground floor for his mother.

“Oh, hi honey! I’ll be right down!” yelled Marie, not noticing how slutty and young her voice sounded.

“Who said that?” he stopped in his tracks as he heard a pitter padder from the stairway. “Um, who are you?”

“It’s me! Your mom could you not tell!?” She almost screams

“Ma? How can it be you, you’re so, young! You look at least one year younger than me!”

“Honey, I think I am a year younger than you, and how do you like, well, me!?” she iggls without taking notice to it.

“Well, uh, you’re very, uhhh…” His words don’t form and his mouth is left ajar form the sher sight of his mother’s new body.

“Pretty? Beautiful? Gorgeous? Perfect?….Sexy?” she gives her son a very seductive smile.

“Ma, what are you-” his words are stopped by a strong kiss from his new mother. She slowly leads him up the stairs to his bedroom, “Mom, isn’t this wrong?” he asked reluctantly.

“Why would it be? What’s wrong about to teens coming together and having some fun? I know you and your girlfriend do it all the time.” She said quietly, as a whisper, two inches from his face.

“You can forget about her” He slowly leaned in for a kiss, and was then taken down to his bed by Marie, now ripping his clothes. They made out passionately on the bed as things escalated quite quickly now. His hard member, plunged deep into his mothers new virgin little pussy, fucking her brains out, like no one ever had before, even before her transformation. After some changing of position they finally met the climax, they rose and fell together and just let out a loud moan of pleasure at the same time, he pulled out, and they came.

Four Months After The Change….

Marie and her son quickly adjusted to their new lives. He dumped his girlfriend so he could be with his mother, after all, who loves a man more than his own mother? They went to prom together, and sadly were not named prom king and queen, they both were mildly angry, but afterward went back home to fuck once more. Everyone was happy.

The End…..?


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