Little sister

I was doing my homework when my girlfriend called. She told me she needs to show me something. She sounded very excited so i got curious what it could be. When i got into her room i saw a strange device plugged into the computer. There was also a open tab on the monitor which looked like a facebook profile of some girl. “Here” She handed me a cable, coming out from the device. “What is it?” I asked and took it. As soon as i touched it i felt dizzy and passed out.

When i came back to my senses i knew something was diffirent about my body, it felt so strange. I raised myself from the bed and felt long hair tickling my neck. My girlfriend looked at me with a wide smile. “What happe…” I stopped hearing my girly voice. “It worked!” She jumped from joy. Looking down at my body i realized what she did, she turned me into a gril. “But why?” I asked still not used to my voice. “I wanted to break up, but you are so nice so i wanted to stay as friends. I knew you wouldn’t agree to this so i changed you into my little sister” She explained. “Here this is your profile” She pointed at the monitor. I came closer and looked at the screen. Name Kelly, age 15, likes movies, playing a guitar, cooking and pop music. “Hell no! There’s no way i’m going to listen to pop” I protested but then i suddenly realized i’m realy into it. “Isn’t this great? We can now share clothes, go out shopping and have some girly nights together” She said. I looked at her and smiled. I was starting to like the idea. “So what should we do now sis?” I asked. “First let’s get some snacks. I got our favorite movie for today”


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