Liking Big Butts

Once again, Charlie’s girlfriend Lillian caught him ogling large round bottoms in public. She had enough, and told her boyfriend she was going to shop private for a bit, shooing him away. As Charlie was ogling more bottoms, she wen to a strange old lady at the mall who dealt in trinkets. She gave Lillian just the thing, not a trinket good for one use that would teach the boyfriend a lesson. She bought it, and went on her merry way, meeting up with him.

They went home, and once again he was eyeing a large bottom girl jogging, as he pulled into the driveway. When they went inside, she used the trinket, and instantly Charlie was changed to a large bottom blonde chick! He pulled his new long blonde strands to the side of his large boob, as he eyed his new large bottom in the skin tight black leggings he was now wearing. His top was also tight against his large boobs, and he was wearing white heels that were incasing his new small feet. He became the very example of what he was looking for in women, now he was a woman and was just like his dream woman!

He freaked out, his voice ultra high as well, and his girlfriend Lillian just smiled, “So you like big butts so much? Well, now you’ve got one Charlie, or should I say Carly now? How does it feel to have the large butt you liked so much on women? Wait until the men stare at your butt now! You are one of us now, welcome to womanhood CARLY! Oh, and one more thing, I can’t wait to see when some men talk to you how they will look at your chest and not at your face, just wait you’ll see.”

Charlie, now Carly stood there in shock, “I can’t believe this! My chest his huge, my butt is huge, I think I have flipping thunder thighs, this hair is so long, and my feet are already killing me in these things! My bra strap is digging into my shoulders too! What have you done Lillian! Change me back!”

Lillian said, “I’m doing no such thing, young lady. I’m afraid you’ll be my roommate now and not my boyfriend. You weren’t much of a man to me, and I can’t stand you being with another woman either, so now you’ll one of us now, one of the girls. At least you got what you loved so much, a large round bottom! That should be a plus right? Don’t worry I’ll teach you all you need to know about womanhood, including clothing, makeup, and MEN! I’m going to find a real man, and I’m going to find one for you too, unless you are still into chicks, I’m not really sure what all the spell did, but I’m shooting for getting us some young hot hunks. If you don’t do as I say, you’ll be out on the street, and no one will ever believe you were Charlie. So you best get used to it, the trinket I bought was for a permanent justice spell. You will have to live with the justice that has now been served. Oh, also, nice ass baby.”

The new Carly stood there and cried, she would now be living her justice that was served to her, becoming the very thing she was ogling. As she rubbed her new butt in the leggings, she did think if she had to be a girl, she did have a nice big round bottom! Perhaps she will love having a big bottom end more than just ogling one! When she finally sat down, her butt felt like two pillows, and she actually loved that feeling! When they went out again she was noticing guys more and more, and her roommate Lillian noticed and smiled, realizing they could both double date men together now!


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