Let me go home

“Please, let me go home!” I told the stranger infront of me. “Sure, I will let you go, if you can tell me where you live” he said. “I live in… in….” The more I tried to remember, the more my head hurt. It was like I had forgotten everything that happened before yesterday. “I don’t remember!!! but still, let me go!” I kept yelling and crying. “Sure, if you can tell me your name. I will let you go”. Once again, I couldn’t remember it. I continued to cry. “Don’t cry, I can’t stand a nice lady like you crying” he said. “But I am not a lady, I am not a woman, I am a….” I said, while looking down, and realizing I had breasts, and quite a feminine figure.

“why can’t I remember anything? I need help” I said. “That’s why I am here. To help your transition.” He hugged me, I felt comforted. I don’t know what came on to me, but I kissed his neck. “Amy please” he said, while pushing me back. I knew it! he knew my name! I started to remember my life past yesterday. And I started to imagine having sex with the stranger, he was hawt! I grabbed my hair, and bit it a little. “You know, if you tell me your name, you won’t be a stranger to me. And then I will surely have sex with you” I said.

After he told me his name, I got down on my knees and started giving him a blowjob. Then I jumped in his arms, and had sex with him right there, in the abandoned cabin in the woods.


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