Let me go

“Please, let me go” I begged, on the verge of tears, to the siren that was holding me in her lap. She ignored me, and kept kissing my neck and massaging my small back relentlessy. The shivers caused by her expert touch on my new silky skin were too much, and I could not control my moans. And the more I moaned, the more I felt aroused by the sound of my new seductive voice.

“Please… I have to go back” I managed to utter between a moan and the other. I regretted the instant I heard her singing. I was on a vacation with my family, and being the son in my teen years, I wanted some time to check out the beach on my own, and maybe try to spot a nice-looking girl to hook up. Then I heard the singing. It was so enchanting, so enthralling that I had to find who was singing. When I found the singer, this brunette, athletic, naked young woman, I was so fascinated I had to meet her.

She looked at me with a welcoming smile, and grabbed my hand before I could introduce myself. As soon as she touched me, I was frozen in place. I lost all my clothes, my short blonde hair became long. I lost inches and pounds, and became this pretty young girl, the definition of petite nubile woman. I was free to move again, but she started kissing mee everywhere, and my resolve to run away immediately got weaker and weaker.

“Please… my family… let me go” I pleaded one last time-
“But silly, I am not keeping you” she said. “You are free to go whenever you want. No part of my powers is able to keep you here. As soon as you turn your back and run from me, you’ll even turn back into a man. That is, only if you want to go back. Or you can spend the rest of the next few centuries as my companion, careless, young and always in my embrace. Would you like that?” She said, inviting my answer with her deep blue eyes.
I esitated for a few seconds, biting my lips. But then I gave in.
I kissed her, and sealed my fate.


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