Lack of Self Control

“Ohhhnn! God- stop!” Joe cried out in a low sultry voice.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Tyler asked and did not let up his assault on Joe’s new clit.

“God YES! YES!” Joe gasped.

“Then why do you want me to stop?” Tyler asked without a pause.

“If I- ahhnn!- cum! -god!- it- mmmnnghh – permanent…” Joe moaned.

“All you have to do to get me to stop is reach down and pull my hand away.” Tyler said and redoubled his efforts. He knew Joe was on the verge of either cumming or pulling Tyler’s hand away, and Tyler knew which of those two outcomes he wanted.

Joe slowly started to reach his hand down past his perky little breasts. The spell had given him piercings and just the thought of touching them again made Joe moan. He couldn’t think straight and a sudden twist of Tyler’s fingers made his gasp and his entire body spasm, his arm flying up to push his new long hair out of his face. He was so close…

“No-” Joe said between gasps, “I’m gonna- ah gonna! AHHHH! CCUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!” Joe screamed as his entire body shook with the power powerful and most pleasurable sensation of his entire life. His body tingled like it had when the spell first changed him and in the back of his mind he knew it was locking in place. He would be a woman from now on.

Tyler continued to tease Joe’s body as he came, but then slowed down. His work was done. Joe was gasping for breath in the after glow of his first ever female orgasm, moaning periodically at Tyler’s continued touching.

“Well Joe, since you don’t have any ID or anything I think life is gonna be a lot tougher for you. Don’t worry, your pal Tyler will watch out for you. We can still be roommates, hell I’ll even pick up your half the rent. You can work off your debt to me other ways…”

Joe’s face flushed bright red at the idea as he continued to gasp. “You mean, I’m supposed to… your cock?”

“Don’t worry, if you think I’m good with my hands I’m even better with my cock. For now though how about you show me your thanks for my generosity and that awesome orgasm and get down on your knees and suck my cock?” Tyler said. He stopped touching the gasping woman before him and undid his fly, pulling out his very hard cock.

Joe’s mind was reeling as he… she saw Tyler’s cock for the first time. She was so embarrassed she hadn’t been able to control herself. The pleasure had been too good and now she was stuck as a woman. As Tyler’s live in sex slave. She was going to suck his cock. He was going to cum on her face or in her mouth. Worse still she wasn’t entirely sure whether the churning in her gut from thinking about that was disgust or nervous anticipation.

“I’m waiting…” Tyler said and took a step towards Joe. Tyler’s cock loomed larger and larger in Joe’s field of vision as he approached. Joe didn’t move, her mouth hanging open as she gasped for breath. She didn’t try to dodge as Tyler pushed his cock into Joe’s mouth. Joe closed her lips and started bobbing her head back and forth slowly, working to take as much of Tyler into her mouth as possible. She looked up and saw Tyler smiling down at her.

This wasn’t so bad. The taste wasn’t so bad. Maybe if she tried real hard to make him happy Tyler would make her his girlfriend instead of just his sex pet. That would be better, right? Her life as Joe might be over, but her life as… Joey? Jane? Jo? Whatever, her life as a woman was just beginning.


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