Pound for Pound

Harry pounded a chick at the party, and she didn’t want it, and he forced it on her. Instead of calling the police, she got revenge through the occurrence of the Great Shift. While he was forcing his way with her, the shift hit town, and suddenly Harry was in Sadie’s body, getting sex forced on him! Now he knew what it felt like on the other side, being forced into sex.

Sadie was confused at first, but realized what had happened, not knowing why, but still she knew at that moment it would make perfect revenge. Later they would find it was the Great Shift, and they were stuck. Sadie wasn’t thrilled at being stuck a man, but she got by, and Harry would never be able to force himself on a woman again! She thought that was worth being stuck a man for, a life long lesson that Harry would now have being on the other side.


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