Knuckle under.

Jeremy was starting to understand why his friend Alison stole his body and ran away.

Just three days in her life and he was already making escape plans of his own.

Her boyfriend was a complete arousal and a massive paranoid control freak.

Everything in his life was now controlled by him from what clothes he wore to what he eat he couldn’t even go for a piss without him checking up on him.

He understood she needed to get out of this relationship.

But he could not understand why she had to steal his body.

Why didn’t she just walk away from him and start a new life somewhere else.

But he understood after he managed to run away from him as he would not take no as an answer and just dragged him back.

So he was now stuck as a woman in a relationship with a controlling man with no way out.

So he had little choice but to knuckle under and get used to it as he once again gave into her boyfriend’s demands which made him feel dirty & cheap as he lay on the bed with him deep inside him as he just stared at the bedside clock hoping for it to be over soon.


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