Knew it was a bad idea.

“I knew it was a bad idea to leave him alone!” Diane screamed at her husband. Her husband in the body of his young, blonde secretary thanks to the Great Shift sighed and walked over. “What’s he doing?” he asked, rolling his eyes and looking into the door of the bathroom his wife had opened. Their son, who the Great Shift put in his aunt’s body was slapping his new breasts against the water making sounds like boat.

“He’s five years old, what do you expect?” Diane’s husband Frank asked as she pointed and fumed. “I had him wear a Bikini to take a bath even! He’s going to make them sag SO bad with all that jiggling! You really think my Sister’s going to like it when this Great Shift thing gets revers-” “It’s not going to be reversed, Diane. You heard what the news said, there’s no way anyone can put anyone back. We need to go on with our lives… even if our little boy is now a 32 year old woman with a killer rack.” Jealousy had possibly set in to Frank’s female mind… wishing he’d had a little more up top than his own son… who was blissfully unaware at just how large his breasts really were.


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