Key to his heart

The clerk had droned his usual sales pitch but it was when he said: “…and with this magical item you can finally be together with Ken in the way you´ve always wanted”.
First of all: I´m a guy. Secondly I´m infatuated with Ken and I´ve been for a long time. I´ve never said anything because I am afraid that it would ruin our friendship. But how the heck could he know about my biggest secret and desire?
Better not asking questions.
I bought it and the clerk instructed me how it was used.

Not wasting any time I hurried to Kathy´s house, Ken´s girlfriend. I had a knot in my stomach from the anticipation when I rang the doorbell.
She opened up, recognizing me as one of Ken´s friends. “Hi Daniel! I`m afraid that Ken is not here”.
“I know, I know. He sent me to pick up some of his clothes”. She was a very good looking girl.
“Come right on in”, she said and opened up the door for me.

Walking in the hallway she had her back against me. It would be the best opportunity I would get.
I took a tight grip on the item that I had bought. A magical key.
Then I pressed it into her back, she let out a gasp, then I `unlocked` her by turning it counter-clockwise.
Her backside opened up and then she slumped to the floor, leaving only a pile of skin.

It was amazing. It actually worked.
Hurriedly I got naked and began to dress myself with her flesh. One leg at a time. It was tight.Continued to pull up the midsection then I inserted my arms into her. Placed the torso in place. Only the face was left.
I took a deep breath and centered the vision slits over my eyes.

A sudden nausea almost overwhelmed me. The vertigo I felt was one of the worst I had experienced.
Bones began to crack internally and muscles got turned into fat, which in turn got redistributed to other parts of my body, filling out my curves. I could really feel it. The sensation of having a weight pulling down on my chest.
It took a minute for all the changes to complete.
Taking a look in the mirror I saw a clone of Kathy looking back at me. No, not a clone. It was me. I was Kathy. I _am_ Kathy!

Heading up to to `my` room I searched for something I always wanted to do. Runmaging through some drawers I finally found a black lingerie. It was easier than I thought to put it on. The muscle memory must have started to adapt.

I hit Ken up on Skype and invited him over. It didn´t take much persuasion to make him scramble towards the door . None actually.


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