Too much for a teenage boy to resist.

Eddie was annoyed at first when his parents signed him up for this years swap class he had no interest in learning first-hand what it was like to be the opposite gender.

But after he found out his partner for swap class was going to be Jessica Watson he perked up a little bit he had always wanted to get into her knickers but she always gave him the cold shoulder.

So now he found himself in Jessica’s body for the next seven days and in one sense he got his wish as he had finally gotten into her knickers but not in the way he was hoping.

It was uncomfortable at first getting used to his new body but finally 3:10 came and he headed straight home feeling a little bit nervous walking home now in the body of a teenage girl in a girl’s school uniform.

He was surprised when he got home to find his mother was not there & was not sure what to do until she got home.

He knew he was supposed to respect his temporary body but he thought it could not hurt to do a little bit of exploring seeing he had this body for seven days and was going to see it naked sooner rather than later.

He entered his bedroom and lock the door behind him and lifted up his skirt in front of the full length mirror hanging on his wardrobe and stared at the beautiful shaved legs and the beautiful pair of white lace underwear that covered Jessica’s sweet pussy.

He thought it could not hurt to give it a little stroke and run one trembling finger along the outline of her pussy that was showing through the knickers and felt an intensity of pleasure that he had never felt before.

Before he knew it he had stretched out on his bed and placed his hand down the front of the white knickers and was stroking away at the already dripping wet pussy which was making him pant and moan with pleasure surprised at how sensitive it was down there.

He did not even stop stroking when the phone rang he just answered it and said hello between pants of deep breath which made his friend on the other end say are you alright there Eddie you sound a little bit out of breath I was just phoning to see how you were getting on with your new body?

Eddie for reply just said to his friend it’s freaking marvellous I got two fingers shoved deep in Jessica’s pussy and I have never felt a pleasure like it before so if you don’t mind I’m rather busy but before he could hang up the phone his friend ask him if he could listen to him playing with himself as he was already hard?

Eddie said in a frustrated voice ok but don’t make any noise and if you come before me hang up and with that he got back to the job in hand wanting to finish before his mother got home.


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