Nubian Artefact

“Goodbye professor and have a nice evening! I´ll wrap it up for ya”. Owen Pedersen, a hard working student, was prepared for a late evening. To earn some extra credit he had convinced the professor to go home early and promised that he would take care of the rest himself. Only three crates more to go.
“Good evening Mr Pedersen. Don´t wear yourself out now, you hear?”. The door slammed behind the professor and Owen was all alone.
“Alright then. Just three more crates to go from the egyptian temple excavation to catalogue and then I`m done”.
He cracked open the crate with a crowbar and found a peculiar item.
“Heh, I haven´t seen those in ages”, Owen said an picked up a Furby. Someone is definately a joker over there.
He continued with his work after have placed the Furby on the honorary spot on the piedestal where it had an excellent vantage point.
Let´s see here. Another bowl made of clay. And another one. Oh, what do we have here? A small statue. Looks like one of the more common ones. No wonder the professor took him up on his offer so fast.

Owen had to hang on the crowbar to open the lid on the second crate. People like him was more about brain than brawn.
“And what treasures will reveal themselves to me this time?”, he muttered, “Oh, look. Another bowl of clay”.
Halfway through the Crate of Endless Bowls he became bored and sloppy.
The sixty-fourth bowl he handled that day was the first one he dropped.
“Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. The professor will kill me!”
“Fuck, I need to get rid of the evidence!”
As Owen began to collect all the pieces he noticed something that had been hidden inside the bowl and after thousands of years in the dirt had come into the light once more.
“What´s this?”
He removed parts of the broken bowl and saw a necklace. It looked practically new. Guess the conditions to preserve it were excellent in that dry climate.
Owen picked it up so he could examine it closer. It didn´t seem egyptian, even though it was related to them. It was more like nubian, the kingdom south of Egypt all those years ago, in what now was Sudan.
It was so beautiful to look at. The craftmanship was excellent, and the precious metal didn´t seem to have any impurities at all.
The necklace was tantalazing to look at and he wondered if he could wear it. His concious told him: “No, it´s an ancient artefact and should be treated as such”, but his desire told him “Go for it. You will be first in thousands of years to wear it”.

His hands shaked when he clasped it behind his neck. He had a longing to wear it and it wouldn´t feel good until he had it around his neck. A sense of relief washed over him.
Owen took a look in the mirror to admire himself and his necklace. It suited him. It felt warm against his skin.
Ripples of dark color emanated out from the necklace, creating waves of dark skin on his white caucasian complexion.
They danced around on his body and covered him from head to toe.
Owen lifted his arm and studied it, turning and bending.
“I`m black?”, he said perplexed.
“Hngh”. A sudden pain hit him in his groin. Acting on insticts he covered the area with his hands only to be rewarded with feeling how his pecker was shrinking quickly and disappearing into him. Another jolt of pain hit him in the groin as the labia walls formed and seperated themselves from eachother.
His body began to tingle all over and he saw how the room became bigger in front of his eyes.
After his height had shrunk his hips and behind grew into a very voloputous proportions. It was a classic “Wide Load”.
His sides caved in and gave him an female figure, his face crawled with ants for a couple of seconds and the changes left him with a decidedly feminine visage. His now black hair lengthened until it reach halfway down on his back.
A pressure was building up on his chest, it was excrutiating. The pressure just continued to build up, up until he almost couldn´t take it anymore. When the release came his chest ballooned outwards with to giant breasts which gave his body a true hourglass shape.

Owen was in a haze after the ordeal. What did just happen?
Looking into the mirror he saw a fantastic black beauty in front of him. She just oozed of fertility.
He brought his hands to his breasts and lifted them. Their sensetiviness was out of this world and he let out a gasp.

Owen prodded and felt his body. It was so different than from being a man, it was so soft and delicate.
He thought that he maybe should remove the necklace. “Nah, why should he do that? It suited him. It was hers”.
But the professor will be so mad.
“Fuck the professor! It belongs to me!”.
Maybe not fuck the professor. That seems unnecessary.
“Fuck someone else then?”
Good idea.

Asmina made herself ready for a night out in town. She needed to find better clothes and touch up her makeup. Her sexual hunger felt like it could only be sated by straddling the biggest of cocks. Luckily for her she had the proper goods to bring their owners to her so she could pick and choose after her hearts desire.


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