Hope he’s not mad

When my girlfriend Jessica suggested swapping bodies for the weekend I jumped at the opportunity. I mean I wasn’t transgender or anything but anyone who says they aren’t interested in experiencing sex from the other side is a liar, it’s just human curiosity. I was calm and excited when she handed me the vial, mine pink, and hers blue. After downing it, in an instant I found myself looking at, well, myself.

I was now in Jessica’s body. Looking down I could feel every inch of her bronzed athletic body, and looking back up at my old body. I could see my girlfriend (boyfriend?) doing the same. Now I had always been heterosexual, and I guess I still was, because my old body was really doing it for me. We had swapped while naked, and I could see my dick at full mast. My new body seemed to know what I wanted, and Jessica stepped toward me. It was quite different being the smaller one, it seemed like she could manhandle me any way she wanted to.

Two hours later and that is exactly what she did. I had no idea girls had it so good during sex, I could feel every inch of dick, every vein seemed to brush against my vaginal walls sending pleasure ringing through me. Jessica and I lay there in each other’s bodies for a while, covered in sweat, panting from our exertions. For some reason I had an urge to go grab snacks. Pulling on a robe I went into the kitchen, humming to myself as I did so.

After a quick refresher we were right back at it, this time with Jessica taking me doggy style and grabbing my shoulders. I was in absolute heaven throughout, and as I neared orgasm for the 4th time today, I managed to say, “babe, what would you think about staying in these bodies a bit longer.”

That was all the encouragement he needed, and he fucked me with renewed vigor, and soon his cock tensed up, coating me with his cum. As we found out the next day when we tried to change back, a bit longer was going to be nine months.


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