Andy and Randy were old school gamers who said to Vince their buddy that joysticks were the best controllers. Vince had a sick sense of humor and was recently learning magic, so decided to play on this.

“Yes joysticks are the best, Andrea and Rhonda,” said Vince.

He had instantly changed them into chicks with their boobs hanging out playing with his joystick! The two new girls were in shock feeling their new pussies while they were playing with this joystick. They pulled away from the joystick and freaked out.

Vince said, “What’s the matter girls? I thought you liked to play with a joystick?”

The new Andrea and Rhonda looked back at the joystick and at each other them down at themselves and screamed in their new high pitched voices, realizing not only were they chicks now, but that joystick was turning them on and they did have desires to play with it. They were now chicks into dicks, and it scared the crap out of them!

Andrea said, “You did this? How? Why?”

Vince said, “Whatever do you mean, you are two girls who came over to play with my joystick, because you two said a joystick was the best to play with. Now look at it, it’s waiting to be played with.”

The two girls looked back again at it, and were overwhelmed with desire to play with it again, as they gradually tapped then touched it, then to full board stroking. As Vince came in their dainty new hands, the spell was sealed and they were permanently the busty slutty Andrea and Rhonda. They had a time dealing being stuck as chicks, but every time they seen Vince’s joystick, they were no longer concerned with the changes, only playing with that nice joystick!


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