Ivan entered the temple hearing rumors it had strange effects on men. Suddenly he realized the rumors ringed true, he was in a revealing olive colored dress with strappy high heels, and had huge breasts! Also long brunette hair, large hips and bottom, and basically a curvy buxom soft body, he no SHE was now a thick brunette with huge breasts! He hefted the boobs, then felt his crotch confirming his new sex. He then felt his huge ass, and then the hair, and was in shock.

Then with his new pretty eyes with longer lashes, he seen a sign, “Men shall not pass this point, or very womanly you shall be amongst us women joint.”

The temple was ancient and trespassing men would become very womanly, as Ivan did here, and then “shall be” inducted among them into their sisterhood. This was so no men could enter their temple ever, they would only enter it as women! Also anyone was not allowed to leave for someone might find out about their secret temple, so the men turned women were taken into the sisterhood never to leave it, and any woman finding the temple would just be taken in as well no changes. Apparently though the sisterhood was long gone, the magic of the temple remained.

Ivan would have to go by Ivanka now, there was no way to change him back, as the spell was only one way, and the arts of magic used were lost with the sisterhood centuries earlier.


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