Ted was sending a selfie of himself as Wynona, after his girlfriend used some magic to change him into a tall busty woman in a burgundy evening dress. They wanted to spice things up a bit, and she was going to become a man. This was going to be just a one night out thing then they change back.

What took Ted by surprise, besides how different his body felt, as once he seen his girlfriend Lynn as a guy, Larry, he was infatuated! He was never into dudes at all before, but now he was into his girlfriend after she became a dude! She felt much the same way, her body felt strange, but she was also overtaken by desire for her boyfriend’s now female body!

After a long night out the two had sex, and after that, they realized they would make the swap permanent, and later Wynona would be a wife, and Larry would be a husband once they married.


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