A change is as good as a rest.

Matthew and Grace decided to take their next vacation on exchange island.

They were looking forward to spending there holiday in different people’s bodies it was good for there relationship to have a change from the norm.

After arriving at the resort they were both switched into the bodies of beautiful young women.

Grace was hoping a husband would become a woman and she would of become a man but this was good enough as she pushed her scantily clad husband onto the bed whipped off the little pair of knickers he was wearing exposing his bodies beautiful vagina as she said to him before diving in you better take notes I’m going to show you how good oral sex can be in a woman’s body when it’s done right as she went down on her husband’s new vagina enjoying feeling his body wriggle and squirm as she licked nibbled and teased his new equipment as the moaned’s of ecstasy escaped his mouth.


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