It’s going to be a long five years.

Samuel thought getting a new body in the great shift would give him a whole new start on life but things would just as tough as they were before especially as he had no choice but to claim back his original identity as the original inhabitant of his body had claimed hers.

So he went from being a strong young man with a list of criminal convictions as long as your arm willing to do any sort of job for money no questions asked to being a middle age woman who could barely keep her own in a fight which did nothing for his career because who wanted to hire a bit of muscle with no muscle.

So he ended up falling back on his breaking an entering skills but he just was not as good as he used to be and was easily caught by the police as his new body was not as in shape as his old one.

He found out first hand women’s prison was just as dangerous as men’s especially when they found out that you used to be a man and all the women thought you should have told them and now you’ve got to answer to the queen of the wing who was ready to cut you a new one.


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