All you can eat

“Oh god yes…” She moaned, jamming her fingers into her pussy and scooping up the cum there and bringing it to her lips for a taste. She repeated the motion, knowing the guy whose cum it was was just sitting there staring at her as she brought it to her mouth and slurped it down hungrily.

“Mmm, I love the taste of cum, it’s even better mixed with the taste of me!” She giggled.

“I’ve got more…” The guy said. She smirked, knowing this display would get him hard again, “You can suck it out of me if you like the taste so much.” He said.

“MMM, yummy.” She said and dropped to her knees, taking his dick in her mouth without a moments pause.

Of course she had a lot more practice doing this. It really WAS good, and cum really WAS yummy. She could do it all day long and be happy. Ever since she found that spell that turned her from a boy into a girl, it seemed like most of what she did was suck dick. When she first cast the spell she had no idea how it would effect her. Trading in a penis for a pussy, the notion of having her own tits to play with, it was an extremely erotic fantasy. Sure there were other parts of being a girl he thought would be interesting, but it would be a lie to say sex wasn’t the main motivating factor. When his roommate found a girl on the couch playing with herself, she’d made up a lie and said she was just a horny friend. Her roommate said it wasn’t fair for her to make a mess on their couch without giving something back. That’s how she gave her first blow job. It had been absolutely divine.

The spell wore off and she found herself a man again, only she couldn’t stop thinking about sucking dick. Soon enough it was Friday and she turned herself back into a girl and went out to a bar and blew half a dozen guys. Then again the next night. Soon it became a regular escape, as often as she could she’d turn back into a girl and blow as many guys as she could.

She hated going back. Hated being a man again. Sure she could still suck dick as a guy, and she’d tried, but somehow it just wasn’t satisfying at all. She needed to feel her tits and her pussy while she did it. That’s how she ended up here. The spell had warned of one way to make it permanent. She felt the stranger cum in her pussy and came in the most incredible orgasm of her life. The only way it could have been better was if she’d had a dick in her mouth to suck on at the same time.

She felt the cum dribble out of her pussy as she frantically sucked his cock. It seemed like such a waste. Oh well, she could get all she could eat from now on.


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