A Shift Into His Desires

Ted was watching a porn of bondage and cocks, and was really getting into it. He started stroking his own cock, pretending to be in the porn as one of the guys giving this lady some cock. It was a live porno, which made it even more exciting, as he realized she was doing all of this as he was stroking. Then he blacked out.

When he opened his eyes, he was in for a shock. He was looking up at the guy who had just approached the bondage lady and shoved in his cock. The cock was actually in his mouth now! He was tasting the man’s dick, and could smell the musky scent of men, and the scent of hot cum, as he felt his face was covered in it, as he also felt the new weight on his chest, pulling down. He felt tied up too, and helpless. Soon the guy pulled out and came on Ted’s new face!

“Oh my gosh, I’m that porn chick! What happened? I’m a cum slut,” said Ted hearing his new female voice, sounding the same as the woman from the live feed.

“You got that right, Gabby Coxxx,” said the next man who proceeded to put his cock in Henry’s new slutty mouth, shutting him, no HER up!

Nearby a TV was on talking of an emergency, the Great Shift had hit the city he was in, and upon hearing that realized his fate was sealed, he shifted into the object of his own desires, and would have to be a cum slut now. What stunned him even more so? His new urges were kicking in, and he was starting to like the men’s cocks and cum!


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