IT happened

“Ok Emily, I agree today to have sex without a condom. But remember, you can not cum in pussy, I do not want to be you forever” Dave after several days of requests, He agreed to the request of Emily to not use condoms.

Dave and Emily for a long time used an innovative technique to swap bodies. However, because of the risk that replacement will permanently, Dave refused to have sex without a condom. Emily heard repeatedly that without a condom is better for a man. So long she had to ask Dave, to he finally gave up.

After a short foreplay, Emily stuck her dick in Dave’s pussy. Both had to admit that it was a great pleasure. After over a dozen minutes of sex and several positions, they were both close to orgasm.

“Yes Emily, Yes! Fuck me! but remember not to cum in my pussy!” Dave shouted with a ecstasy voice. But Emily was not listening. She was too devoted to pleasure. She began to think that she want to be forever a man!

“Oh! Emily, I coming!!!” shouted Dave, and then IT happened.

“Emily? Emily?!? Did you just cum inside of me?!? WTF?!?” Dave noticed with horror, when he felt filling him warmly.

“Yes Dave, I just cum inside fo you. I want to be a man forever! Sorry Dave, although from today, my dear Emily! From today, you’re SHE!” Emily said haughty, which from today’s name is Dave.


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