Intern Problems

Working in R&D at BodyShapR Inc. the world’s leading manufacturer of body shaping nanites was like a dream come true. Sure they were expensive as hell, and only the top 1% could afford even the most basic BodyShapR products, but being an employee had certain perks.

I’d long wondered what it would be like to be a woman. I figured I’d been a man for over thirty years, what would it be like to be a chick? No one had ever done a full gender change before, but it was theoretically possible. I picked it up as a personal pet project, the big wigs said there was no market in it, but had no problem with me messing around in my spare time.

They didn’t know I was planning on using myself as a test subject. I was shocked at how little time it took me to get ready to try it. Other people had laid all the ground work, all I had to do was put it together.

My plan was to become a simple, girl next door type. Nothing too exotic. Sure I had fantasies about being a super sexy woman, but I imagined it wouldn’t be a real woman’s experience. I wanted to be average. Well slightly above average, I did have some vanity.

Now I’m ten years younger. I’ve got giant boobs, flawless skin, and a face other men would die to kiss. The only thing that keeps me from being a perfect centerfold babe is that my eye sight is still crap and I still need glasses. Hell I could be a centerfold even with them!

Something went wrong and I keep looking through the records to find out what. The tingling sensitivity and arousal I was feeling made me think I hadn’t quite removed all the features from the Nanites I’d borrowed from to get started. Hypersensitivity and arousal were popular Nanite add-ons for trophy wives. As were big tits and flawless skin. After all, why would millionaires want to go through the trouble of finding the perfect horny bride when they could just make one? The horny, eager body was just one of the terms of the marriage.

I knew I never should have let my intern deal with reprogramming the nanites. He is sitting over in a corner freaking out. He keeps saying he’s never going to get a permanent gig at BodyShapR now. I know I should be mad at the young guy… young! Hell, I’m the same age as him now! I know I should be mad at him but he looks so sexy. A part of me thinks that maybe if he spent more time working and less time in the gym I wouldn’t be in this mess, but a bigger part of me is responding in a VERY different way. Plus, the fact that he cares so much is actually sort of a turn on in a weird way.

I’m too horny to focus and he is too stressed. Maybe after a quick fuck we’ll both think more clearly.


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