What one cant resist.

You did not want to be a girl. For that matter you are so desperately embarrassed that you have become one. For the past two days you have fought the womanly urges that fill you. This fight, for the most part had been successful. You refrained from dressing in feminine clothing, painting your nails, or feeling hour softy breasts in the shower, but this, this is different. You are not strong enough to fight back any longer as you feel your old bodies hard sick between your small fingers. You softly rub the hard cock as you unsuccessfully convince yourself that you don’t want it. But you do, you want the dick to harden even more as you rub it and softly lean over to taste the tip with your tounge and eventually swallow as you stuff the duck as far down as you can your new virgin throat. you want your old body to grab you and force you on your back as it teases your tight pussy while licking your naked breasts, and then thrust far into your pussy letting the blood run as you finally feel complete. A real woman. Then feel the dick exit you and release a hot cum on your belly that fills your entire body with warmth. You then swirl around the cum and stick some in your mouth tasting the greatest taste you have tasted cause you to begin shaking Sith joy as your own cum fills your new pussy. This is what you want and cant fight any more. This is what’s about to happen.


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