I got it

Wallace called Emmie right away on her pink IPhone to deliver the good news. “Emm sweetie, guess what? I got you the job! You start tomorrow!” he said.

Emmie’s happy squeal was music to his ears. “I knew you could pull it off, Grandpa! You’re the best! How on earth did you manage to get that sourpuss executive Peter to make an offer? You know how terrified I am about interviews—that’s why I asked you to go as my body double. I always get so nervous and sweaty.”

“Uhh, Emm….” Wallace bit his lip sheepishly, but he owed his granddaughter the truth. “About that…I had to do a little sweet talking, you know, with both pairs of lovely ‘lips’ that your mother blessed you with,” he admitted, wiggling his bare pussy on the leather car seat.

“You—you did WHAT?!” Emmie gasped. “You mean that tomorrow my new boss Peter will be expecting me to…to….”

“Oh no no no, sweetheart, you’re safe from Peter’s little ‘peter,'” Wallace reassured her. “I told that prick in no uncertain terms that it was a one-off thing. And I’ve got pictures stored on your phone as security. He knows that if he says anything or tries any hanky panky, his wife will be receiving all these photos, and a little ‘something extra’ too.”

“What’s that, Grandpa?”

“A pair of your favorite red silk panties covered in his spunk!” Wallace said triumphantly. Emmie and her Grandpa both broke into peals of laughter. “Naughty, Grandpa, naughty!” Emmie said between giggles.

“Agreed, sweetie: I make a bad girl. Look, I’ve gotta run by the store to pick up a new pair of panties. I’ll see you at home soon, okay? Bye ‘luv.” Wallace swung his legs out of the car and enjoyed the sunshine on his young skin and the light breeze across his pussy. He was one lucky granddad.


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