I shouldn’t have accepted the money from the Uncle whom I never knew. Of course, I didn’t know I shouldn’t have back then. $200,000,000 is a big money. But how did I believe that receiving such amount of money without any effort would not have any backlashes?

The close relatives of the uncle were quite made about his decision. It was clear the uncle hated them for their greed, and he was right. They would do anything for the money. Including turning me into a sex slave, force me to marry him, and eventually stealing all the money away.

Apparently, for legal reasons, the relative in charge of fucking me–to keep me as his sex slave–told me that I need to get pregnant with his sperm for him to get the all the money in the bank. I was screaming no inside, but this transformation spell they cast on me sure was foolproof. I obediently offered my body and spread my legs.

At instant, I felt a rush of cum inside me; I could feel that this body of sex slave was perfectly ready for fertilization. That was it. I was pregnant.

“You know,” said the distant relative, “I was planning to ditch out after all this is over, but I think I am going to keep you as my personal sex slave for the rest of our lives.” And I couldn’t do a thing but become his favorite sex toy.


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