He didn’t understood what was going on. Just a minute ago, he was binding this girl he kidnapped onto a table. He remembered tying her legs and torso tightly; but suddenly, at a blink of his eye, it was as if he was the one who was bound to the ropes. He tried to move around–only to found out that his body was weak and sensitive like that of a woman.

“Time to taste your own medicine,” said the voice, which belonged to the man. He was surprised to hear his own voice from behind. And he felt the familiar penis penetrating deep into his new vagina. It was a witch taking control of his old body while he was inside this new girl’s body.

“This isn’t just regular old girl’s body,” said the man’s voice, “I made this body specially for you. This body is pathetically weak but extremely horny. Your brains won’t be even capable of thinking anything else except for the penis.”

And indeed the witch was right. The man had completely subdued to the pleasure of woman, and begged for more and more.


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