Incredible device (part 1)

It was a sunny sunday morning. Kyle, a 16 year’s old boy was in his room checking out the device he found yesterday. He never had seen somethink like this before. It looked like a remote with various buttons and a screen on the top. “Gender change? Chose personality, age? What is this” he wondered. Kyle was courious to find out so he went to the bathroom to invastigate it more.
“What the hell! Can’t you see it’s occupied” Kyle’s older brother yeeled at him. Kyle looked in fear. David was the last person he would like to piss off, he was older than him and much stronger. Kyle always regreted starting a fight with him and now he gave him a good ocasion for another one. “Get out or i will beat your sorry ass” David was getting angry. Kyle didn’t know what to do. Then it hit him. He looked at the remote and started to type. “Personality: loving, caring, sweet. Age: keep it 18” David was rushing at him so Kyle quickly clicked the the change button and a bright flash came out of it making a wierd sound. Kyle was blinded for a second. When he opened his eyes his jaw dropped from shock. His brother was gone and before him stood a beautifull girl. “Morning sleepyhead” She smiled at him. Kyle didn’t know what to say. “Are you alright? You look pale” She got closer to him and touched his forehead. “it looks like you’re not feverish, maybe just tired” She said. “No i’m fine” Kyle finally was able to speak. “Good” she claped her hands. “Now shoo and let me get ready” She politely asked him to leave.

Kyle left the bathroom and went to the kitchen, where his mom was preparing breakfast. “Good you’re awake, is your sister still in the bathroom?” She asked. “That girl can sit there for hours” His father said entering the kitchen. Kyle was confused “Sister?” he asked himself. He looked at the remote in his hand. Did it changed reality around him? What else it can do? Kyle was eager to find out more about this incredible device


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