Matthew sat in his chair fast asleep with his boxer shorts around his ankles and used kitchen towel all around him.

His mother was sick and tired of the little bastard leaving all his sticky used tissues lying around for her to clean up.

So she mixed in a little potion she got off the Internet into his lubricant and weighted for him to go upstairs put on a porno and set about pleasuring himself.

Matthew sat in his chair as usual and put on big Bombay girls pushed his boxers down to his ankles and spread some of the cold lubricant on the already hardened member and gently started to stroke his rod.

As he experienced his first and last male orgasm as he shot his load into a bunch of kitchen towel before passing out from the overwhelming feeling of sexual fulfillment rushing through his body.

He had no idea that while he slept his body was changing and transforming itself into the perfect vision of womanly hood which would give him the biggest shock when he awoke the next day.

But his mother would be sorely disappointed if she thought this would stop him from spending all his time masturbating as what horny teenage boy could resist what he had now between his legs.


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