In the attic

I can’t even remember what I came looking for in the attic, but when I found that old medallion locket necklace, I couldn’t help but take a look at it.
I seemed very ancient, so I felt like cleaning it a little bit. I tried to remove the dust from it, but as I touched it, it started glowing.
I couldn’t drop it, it came naturally around my neck, and that’s when it began.

As the medallion kept glowing, I felt my whole body change. I lost weight and became way smaller. I could feel I didn’t have as much muscle mass as before. My hair grew longer, and when I reached it with my hand I realised how thin it was. It looked like that of a young girl.
Soon, I understood that I became a young girl. Even my clothes changed. I was wearing something terribly cute and girly.
Curious, I started to discover my new body. I ran my hands over my clothes, learning all those new sensations. Shortly after, I removed part of my clothes and started caressing my new breasts and pussy. It felt incredibly nice. I even forgot where I was and what had happened. I started masturbating there in the attic, praying for no one to come look for me.


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