I’m Suzee now

I always wanted to be a woman for a day. One day I found information on the Internet about innovative bodysuit. Of course, I ordered one that had me resemble a young beauty. Delivery came after a week.

After assuming I looked through the mirror. I saw in there a beautiful brunette,
I could not believe that now I. In Instruction was a warning that sexual intercourse will cause that not be able to remove it. I did not care, I did not want to have sex as a woman.

I decided to go to the city. I dressed previously purchased a sexy dress.

The club was great. As a beautiful girl every guy wanted to buy me a drink. After a few I felt slightly dazed. A Tom, offered to drive me home (I met him at the club). When we were at home, unwisely I invited him for another drink. While drinking, Tom began to kiss me.

“Tom I’m sorry, but I’m not that” I said, but he would not listen. He began to rip off me dress.

“I beg you, Tom stop” I shouted when he threw me on the bed, he has already started to caress my pussy by his hand.

“I’m really a man just like you”

“Yes, of course, and I am Napoleon” He laughed and pulled the pants. I did not know, what to do. I did not want to be forever a woman and start life anew. I started to scream again, but he covered my mouth and begin to approach his dick into my pussy.

Suddenly I felt in me he came. I knew it I ceased to be a man. Although this was an incredible delight, I couldn’t hold back the tears. After a few minutes, I felt the warmth filling me.

“Oh dear, it was wonderful.” He say in the process of starting pants. I am still in shock lay on the bed. From now on, no one will tell about me – he, I am now SHE.

“And anyway, what’s your name?” He asked when he left.

“Suzee, I’m Suzee now” I said


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