All at sea

I had a falling out with my brother a few years ago and I pretty much ended up cutting out of my life. I don’t mind too much, he was always much too impressed with himself . The only thing I do miss about him is spending the weekends on his yacht.

Lucky for me about six months ago I found a possession spell. It allows me to project my mind into another person and take complete control of their body. There is only one catch it has to be a blood relation and since our parents are gone that means my fat balding asthmatic brother or his teenage daughter.

Well it wasn’t a hard choice to make even if it does feel a bit weird being inside my niece. Still it’s worth it to spend my weekends relaxing in the sun and topping up Julia’s tan.

Lately I’ve been thinking though, why should I go back to my ratty apartment? Julia is starting college soon, I could just stay in her body and go with her. Becoming a girl full time seems a small price to pay for the chance to start over again.


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