I know you want these!

I have mantained a close relationship to my aunt Claire. One day I was at her place, and we were just talking, when she told me she was a witch. I thought she was kidding, but when she got an old dusty book out of her saffe box, I had no choice but to believe her.

She told me that being a witch works in a misterious way. The truth was that her husband received the book from one of his relatives. She knows that he used a love spell on her, but since that day, she became a witch, her life completely changed. “Maybe you can use it on Kim” she told me, “I promise she won’t be mad at you. But after you use the spell, she might want to become a witch like me”. How did she know I had a crush on my friend Kim? I asked myself. “Just try it, you have nothing to lose. If what I am telling you is true, she will love you, if it isn’t, everything will be as it is right now” she said, and I agreed.

That very same day I was talking a walk, when I saw Kim having dinner with her boyfriend. “Too bad” I thought. His boyfriend stood up and walked to the back of the restaurant, “he must be going to the bathroom… that might be my chance” I said outloud. I walked into the restaurant, and sat infront of Kim. “Hi Kim, do you mind if I read something short before your boyfriend returns?”… “Who are you? are you one of the geeks from my class?” she said, she didn’t even remember me. I openned the book, and read the spell. I felt a little dizzy, but nothing else happened. I looked at Kim, she looked a little confused. She was inspecting her own body. “This isn’t what I wanted” she said outloud. Then she looked at me, she stared and stared at my eyes “Oh, I get it now!” she said, “Hey John, I know you want these!” she said while revealing her breasts. I couldn’t believe it, 1 minute ago she didn’t even know who I was, and now, she was calling me by my name. “Wait for me outside, give me 5 minutes, I just have to take care of something” she said. I grabbed the book and walked outside.

From the window I saw her boyfriend walk back to their table. She started yelling at him, I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but she threw her drink on his face and left. She exited the restaurant laughing. Grabbed me by my hand, kissed me passionately, and said “let’s go”.

I walked her to her place. “John, you must be wondering what happened. But I feel like I shouldn’t tell you, like this should remain a secret between me and m…. and your aunt”. How the hell did she know about her? “I don’t care, I am just glad you left your old boyfriend and you are now with me. I just hope you never dump me” I said. “Don’t worry, that’s never going to happen” Kim said. As we got to her place she invited me in “you know, my parents are away on a trip. Do you want to come in?”. I agreed in no time. We had sex, she is so great, she knew exactly how to turn me on, and anything I would do turned her on. Afterwards she asked me for the book of spells. “Your aunt must have told you I will become a witch like herself. I must meet her.” she said. I was amazed at how much she knew.

The next day I took her to my aunt’s home, althought I was there when they met, I didn’t understand a thing they said. They talked about body swap, how the person affected didn’t remember a thing, how a witch gains control of another person, it was all mumbo jumbo for me. She thanked my aunt for some reason. To this day I don’t understand what happened, I am just so glad Kim loves me, and I love her.


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