Taking Charge

I bit my lip and threw him to the bed. No more beating around the bush. I wanted, no, needed him in me now. After he got my pussy wet with his sensual kissing of my neck, I could tell that he wanted it too. Feeling his hard dick against my feminine ass I knew that it was time. I wasn’t going to wait for him to take control, so I took matters into my own hands.

It all started six weeks ago. I was at work when my girlfriend Gina came to visit me for lunch. We sat down in the breakroom about to eat together when the power in the office went out. Being the maintenance man I immediately got the call over the radio. “Sam, please report to the fuse box in the basement.” I grabbed the flashlight and Gina came down with me.

Once we got there I found one of the interns crying next to the fuse box. “What are you doing down here?” I asked.

“I’m so sorry. My name’s Wendy. I was in the copy room and running copies while also making a laminated paper though another machine and making coffee for my boss, and I just somehow blew a fuse. I wanted to fix this without anyone knowing and I somehow shut down power for the whole office. Please don’t tell anyone, I can’t lose this internship.”

Gina and I took pity on Wendy and assured that it would be no problem. I reached into the fuse box to fix the situation, just as she unnecessarily reached over to show me which one she thinks she set off before. We both touched the fuse box when I was turning it back on and felt large jolts of electricity through our bodies.

I fell over and immediately didn’t feel right. I felt like my clothes were a lot tighter and that my body wasn’t quite the same proportions it was before. I looked down and saw two breasts in a tight blouse and yelled “what the fuck?” That’s when it hit me that my voice was much higher, and my eyes hurt like I was just crying.

That’s when I looked over and saw my body looking at me with wide eyes of disbelief. In all my years of working with in maintenance I had never seen electricity do this before. I stood up and fell over, unable to balance in my heels. Wendy and I expressed shock as Gina looked confused. I tried to convince her what had happened, but at first she thought it was a prank. Thankfully after my original body started to cry in the fetal position and I told her some secrets of ours while in Wendy’s body, Gina started to realize that this was much more than a prank.

We spent the next hour down there discussing our lives and agreeing to do our best to be each other until we solved this, but we did each take the rest of the day off.

I went home with Gina and was still in disbelief. She asked me how I was holding up, and I told her that there was one thing that could help me feel better, and I went ahead and kissed her. She pulled away quickly. “Sam, I love you, but I don’t know if I could do this.”

“Come on, it could be pretty hot. Plus, I’m still the same person underneath, the man that loves you. Isn’t love about what’s on the inside.”

She agreed and we went to the bedroom to give it a shot. She undressed, but something felt odd. I didn’t feel turned on by her naked body like I usually do. I tried not to think much of it and we began to make out and fondle each others breasts. I still wasn’t feeling anything. In fact, I was feeling grossed out for some reason.

I couldn’t understand it. I had masturbated to two girls hooking up tons of times with porn, but here I was living it and I wasn’t into it at all. We stopped kissing and I told Gina that something didn’t feel right, and she said that she was having a hard time getting into it as well. We both agreed to hold off for the time being and just blamed it on the stressful day. That’s when I got dressed, we said our good nights, and I went to Wendy’s house. Wendy and I had agreed that it would be best to sleep in the homes of our bodies that night.

When I arrived at her apartment complex I got out of the car and walked up the stairs to her door. As I entered the apartment I sat down to take the heels off. I thought to myself that these sure made quite a noticeable noise on the ground when I walked. That’s when I froze and realized something, I walked in these effortlessly after leaving Gina’s place. Not only that, but when I got dressed to leave her apartment I put her bra on with no problem.

How was that possible? I had never done any of those things before today. I was a little unnerved, but brushed it off and went to bed. The next day I woke up feeling horny and was excited that Gina was coming over. I didn’t know what happened the night before, but knew that tonight would be different.

She came over, we had some dinner, and went to the bedroom. Again, we got undressed and started to fool around, but none of us could get excited. I didn’t know what it was. She got up, got dressed, and apologized while crying and saying that this could never work. I begged her to please stay, but she left.

What the hell? How could she just leave like that? We could work through whatever the issue was. I decided to brush it aside and focus on finally exploring this new body. It didn’t make sense to me why I all of a sudden didn’t find her attractive, but I just knew I needed release.

I laid down on the bed and began to play with my body while thinking of Gina. Still nothing. I just couldn’t get turned on thinking of my girlfriend. Or rather ex-girlfriend now, I suppose. That’s when a thought flashed in my mind. It was of James, the cute manager in accounting.

Wait, did I just think cute? What is wrong with my body? But as I thought of him the horny feeling came back. I didn’t know why, but that got me wet and my nipples hard. I began to play with myself and to rub my clit while thinking of James. After a few minutes I had the most sensual feeling orgasm of my life. It felt like it went on for minutes as my body had spasm after spasm. I just laid there in ecstasy afterwards.

That’s when it hit me. Sexuality isn’t in the mind. Of course I didn’t find Gina sexy anymore. This body, Wendy’s body, is a heterosexual female. I was only going to get turned on by guys.

I went through the next few weeks living Wendy’s life and she did her best to live mine. Thankfully mannerisms of the body are so instinctual that we were able to do this without too many comments from people thinking that something was wrong or off.

And as much as I was embarrassed to admit it, I kept masturbating to the thought of guys nearly every night. I even started using her dildo, and it felt so good. Turns out Wendy was quite the horny girl, and that physical attribute kept up with me in her body. But after so many weeks masturbating just wasn’t enough. I needed something more.

Then one Saturday night a friend of hers texted me to see if I wanted to join a group of her friends at a local nightclub. This would be my perfect opportunity. I put on a sexy black thong, a tight dress, and did my make-up. By this point it was no problem as Wendy’s years of doing these girl things made it so instinctual for my body.

We went out and I told myself that I was getting laid that night. And being a girl at the club was the greatest thing. Well, at least being a girl in my shoes who wanted to get laid. Some of the girls in our group clearly weren’t interested in talking with guys this night and had to keep fending them off. Me, I considered myself to have my pick of the crop. I took a free drink here and there and chatted with a few guys. While I was horny I wasn’t going to pick just anyone for my first night having sex as a horny woman. I wanted to pick the guy that I felt like would be able to satisfy me.

That’s when a group of three guys approached me. They started hyping up their friend Barry. When they introduced me to Barry they told me that he was a bit shy, and he certainly seemed it. This seemed like the right pick, I thought to myself. Shy guys don’t get laid often, but they also do not normally wind up being selfish jerks. I figured that every shy person I met in the past was very giving, so this would probably apply to a shy person as a lover as well.

After talking for a bit I told him that we should dance. He seemed a bit relieved that I was taking the lead. I grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor. When we got there I turned around and put my butt up to his crotch and started grinding on him. He seemed nervous and not sure what to do with his hands. I could feel him getting hard against me, so I knew that he was into me. I bit my lips and grabbed his hands, guiding them to my hips. It took a bit, but he seemed to figure out what to do.

This part was beginning to surprise even me. I felt fully comfortable in Wendy’s body by now and have adopted her mannerisms, but the fact that I knew how to seductively move my hips and be flirtatious with a guy caught be way off guard. No matter, I was into him and I could tell that he was into me.

After a few songs I whispered into his ear that I wanted to take him home. I was done with dildos and was ready for the real thing.

We called for an Uber and on the ride home I could tell that he was nervous. I took charge and kissed him. We started making out on the ride home. I guided a hand of his to one of my breasts and it felt amazing. This was nothing like kissing Gina. This body was so into this moment. I felt my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting wet.

When we got home it didn’t take long to be naked in the bedroom. He came up behind me and kissed my neck as I felt his hard member against my butt. It didn’t take long until I was ready to move it to the next level. With my pussy wet and desperately in the need for more, I bit my lips and pushed him to the bed.

I got on top of him and grabbed his dick, ready to slide it in. It felt so good as it entered me. I grabbed his hands and moved them to my tits, and told him to squeeze my nipples. It felt like ecstasy. As I bounced up and down on his dick I started moving faster and faster. I could feel the pleasure begin to build up in me as the most intense orgasm I ever experienced overtook my body. I began to shake as I collapsed on top of him, my body continuing to shake as I moaned in pleasure. That’s when I could feel him tense up inside of me as he came, letting out a huge breath.

We both laid there savoring the afterglow, our bodies naked and sweaty. I began to think about how much things have changed over the last six weeks. I was 100% into guys now and not the least bit embarrassed by it. However, there was one thing from my life as Sam that I intended to keep. While I’m into guys now, I’m not going to just wait for them to come to me. I’m going to continue taking charge and get what I want.


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