I Always Win the Circus Games

Andrew was mad at always falling for the dumb, rigged circus games; losing all of his money in the end. This time was different though, this time he wouldn’t lose. He went to the annual fair with one of his friends, Alex, and the first thing he did was run toward one of the circus games hosted by a busty 20 year-old. He handed her the money, and she smiled devilishly. He spent 20 dollars, and got nothing. His grin never left him, and the woman said with no remorse at all, “Oh no! It looks like you are all out. Too bad, try next time!”

Andrew smiled at her, turned to Alex (who appeared to have an erection in anticipation over what was going to happen), turn back to her and said, “Oh don’t worry. I’m going to get a prize.” He jumped right at her. Instead of crashing onto her, he phased into her, and she let out a powerful moan after Andrew had receded into her body. She fell to the floor, then stood up and smiled at Alex.

“Are you ready for a wild time?” Alex said to the busty woman.

“Of, course! I can’t believe I’m actually a Body Hopper!” She walked toward Alex, then turned “Wait, I need to grab my prize first” Andrew took a huge stuffed bear, and walked out with Alex. When they arrived at Andrew’s home, they sat on the couch.

“Take off your top already! I’ve been rock-hard this entire drive home and I can’t wait any longer!” Alex yelled to Andrew. Andrew smiled and pulled down his top. “Wow they’re even better than I could’ve imagined!” He said violently squeezing and groping them. Alex could tell that Andrew’s body enjoyed this as much as Alex did. Andrew moaned every second, and then pushed Alex away. Andrew started taking off his clothes, “What are you doing?” Alex asked the currently topless Andrew.

“Isn’t it obvious? I need your rock-hard boner inside of me!” Andrew said taking off his pants. Alex smiled at him and started getting undressed. They both enjoyed their “Prize” for hours and hours. Andrew then had his perfect Circus prize in the end.


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