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Water On The Subway

“Oh Shit!” said a hot, busty woman. She ran behind some cover and looked down at what she had. Her name was Andy and she/he is a shapeshifter. Andy was born (a guy) with a strange power. Whenever cold water hit is skin, he would transform into a random woman, and change back to himself whenever hot water touched his skin. He was on the subway, when a man spilled his water onto Andy, he then ran off the subway. his hair growing longer, his clothes started feeling tighter. His face morphed into that of an extremely attractive woman, and his shirt busted open, with his enormous rack. “Oh Shit, I’m late for another day of work!” He slipped his hand down between his rack and said, “Well, at least I have something else to do on my ‘sick day'”


Chris was watching TV waiting for Andy to arrive so they could play the new Battefront together. “Crap! Did I take down that bucket of water?” He heard the door open as a splash of water was also heard. He ran to the door to see Andy soaking wet. “Dude, I’m so sorry! That was meant for Alex!” Andy’s hair then grew, his figure became more petite, and breasts grew from his chest and his penis retracted into a vagina. he then stripped down in his new female form. “Are you ok?” Read more


Andy was on road trip with his friend Chris, as a hot brunette, pretending to be Chris’s fiancée. “Hey, Andy. Thanks again for agreeing to be my pretend fiancée” Read more

Horny And Wet

Andy has a disorder. He was born with the ability to shapeshift into any woman. he also gets extremely horny when he gets doused with water. His friends knew about this and also knew how to take advantage of this. One day Andy’s Friend Alex invited him over to his house. “Alex? Hello? Why did you tell me to come as a brunette? HELLO?!0” Andy said as he walked through the doorway to Alex’s seemingly empty house. SPLASH! “AH! WHAT THE FU-” Andy screamed as he was splashed with a bucket of water. “Oh, hey Andy! How are you feeling?” Alex asked. Andy started undressing, one-by-one his clothes flew off. His bra flew onto a chair, his panties onto the coat hanger, and his pride was gone after the splash. He checked out Alex, and then intensely groped his breasts. He then grabbed Alex’s hand and led him to his bedroom. “hey, what are you do-” “If you splash me, you know what’s going to happen. Now take off you’re clothes. Now.” Andy demanded. “If you say so.” Alex said with a grin

Damn Daniel!

Dan, Jeff, and Austin had used their body-hopping ability to find some girls in a night club. “Damn Daniel! You found the mother-load of asses!” Jeff said
“I know! I don’t even think we should look for guys, we should stay here and experiment,” Dan teased, “C’mon! You know you can’t resist this!”

I Always Win the Circus Games

Andrew was mad at always falling for the dumb, rigged circus games; losing all of his money in the end. This time was different though, this time he wouldn’t lose. He went to the annual fair with one of his friends, Alex, and the first thing he did was run toward one of the circus games hosted by a busty 20 year-old. He handed her the money, and she smiled devilishly. He spent 20 dollars, and got nothing. His grin never left him, and the woman said with no remorse at all, “Oh no! It looks like you are all out. Too bad, try next time!” Read more