Hypnosis Transformation

“It’s one time, okay? I’m taking a psych class and I got assigned hypnotherapy. Help a bro out?” Joey was starting to beg, he needed an A on this project to pass this semester. His assignment was to keep a subject under hypnosis long and deep enough, that they will be completely obedient to the student. Brian was Joey’s best friend and roommate, so he figured he could trust him to help out. However, Brian didn’t think hypnosis was very real, and that most people just convince themselves they’re being controlled, and not really in any sort of trance.

“Dude, it’s not real. You got assigned the suckiest subject they could give. Hypnosis is as fake as the moon landing.” Brian scoffed and laughed

“Number one, the moon landing happened. And number two, fine if it’s so fake then you shouldn’t be afraid to try it? What’s the harm? It’s completely faked anyway.” Joey replied quickly.

“Alright, fine. I’ll try your little hypnosis experiment. But don’t expect an A on the entire project.”

“Yay! Thank you so much! Okay now sit down in the chair and relax…” Joey motioned Brian to the chair and he sat. Joey took out a pendant and started waving it in front of his face. After two minutes of soft speaking and waving, Joey could tell Brian was now in a trance. Joey reviewed his project rubric, and it never says what sort of thing the person was obedient to . So Joey decided to take a risk and see if Brian’s body would be completely obedient to the commands that he gave.

“Brian, you are in a deep state of trance and you only respond to my voice. Understand?”

“I understand” was the only reply given, as Brian sat motionless with his eyes closed.

“Your body bends to my will, do you understand?” Asked the stern hypnotherapist Joey

“I understand” was the reply

“Brian, your name isn’t Brian anymore. It’s Brianna. You are my sexy girlfriend who loves me and just moved in. You look like the girl I’m picturing in my head right now.” And Joey closed his eyes to focus on the girl he’d make Brian into.

While Joey’s eyes were closed, he never saw the change happen. Brian’s frame dropped from 6’1″ to a compact 5’7″. His hair grew out just past his shoulders and became silky and smooth. His torso moved around, his waist became pencil thin, his hips growing out, and then he received a strong core, almost a six pack. Brian’s body dropped it’s body hair except for a small landing strip leading to his new pussy which was dripping with pleasure from the transformations. Brian’s chest ballooned outwards, as his chest started to fill with milk, fat, and arousal. The rest of his body became stronger too. His face changed into one of an angel’s. Perfect eyebrows, perfect eye makeup, a light lipstick, and a very cute smile.

“Brianna, when I snap my fingers you will wake up, and when you do so, you will only remember being a girl and my girlfriend. You love serving me and will fall back into this trance whenever I say the words “Fall Into Trance” Do you understand?”

“I understand” replied a manly voice.

“But first let’s fix that. Brianna, give yourself a high soprano voice, which causes you to sing like a goddess.” Still astonished by his work, Joey snapped his fingers.”

“Oh, Joey. I’m gonna rock your world tonight..” Brianna stood up and gave Joey a cute smile. How could any man with a right mind say no to that?


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