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Andrew had just catched a glimpse of the most beautifull girl ever. He didn’t know why, but he just had to walk towards her. “Hello, my name is Andr…” he hadn’t even finished that sentence, when the girl looked up and started directly at his eyes. Her eyes looked weird, and Andrew couldn’t stop looking at them. Although the girl didn’t move her mouth, Andrew could hear her. “You! you will be mine” the girl said inside Andrew’s mind. “Lets go slave, take me home”. Andrew didn’t say a thing either, he took the girl in his arms, and took her to his car. Read more

Hypnosis Transformation

“It’s one time, okay? I’m taking a psych class and I got assigned hypnotherapy. Help a bro out?” Joey was starting to beg, he needed an A on this project to pass this semester. His assignment was to keep a subject under hypnosis long and deep enough, that they will be completely obedient to the student. Brian was Joey’s best friend and roommate, so he figured he could trust him to help out. However, Brian didn’t think hypnosis was very real, and that most people just convince themselves they’re being controlled, and not really in any sort of trance. Read more