I hate Brad for what he has done to me!! I hate getting fucked like a girl and wearing makeup and all of it!! Let me explain, I used to be a guy and Brad was my best friend. One day we had an argument over whether or not hypnosis was real. I said yes and he said no so I set out to prove him wrong. We went to a hypnotist but Brad insisted that he wouldn’t believe it unless I was the one hypnotized and I did something I would truly never do. I agreed to go under thinking that I would be made to dance around or something harmless but out of character. I was wrong… Suddenly I was leaving and I could remember anything and Brad was talking to me.
“Well looks like you might be right but I need to do a few more tests so I’ve had the hypnotist pass control of you to me. You should be able to sense everything and remember it all from this point on but you still have to obey my commands so like right now you can’t talk can you?” I tried to say something but I couldn’t. I began to panic but my body just kept walking with Brad. “Perfect” he said smiling “Do you know what you did in there, you sucked my cock like a slut” My heart sank and I was in full blown panic but I still couldn’t control my body. Brad just kept talking “The hypnotist said that people can only be made to do what they would subconsciously allow so you must really want to be a girl… Take this” He pulled out a pink pill and my body grabbed it and swallowed it. Here I am three weeks later still hypnotized and fucking Brad as his personal sex toy. I don’t know if he will every un-hypnotize me but if he does revenge will be so sweet.


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