The Waters of Change

After years of searching, Henry found the Waters of Change in a remote area cut off by huge mountains. After days of hiking and climbed he reached the waters. He wasted no time and jumped in. He knew the legends, and he wanted what the waters could give him. As he got out, not only did his body change, but his clothing also. He was now fully female, with a nice set of breasts, in a skin tight one piece bathing suit that accentuated his new curves well. Henry felt the changes, and looking down smiled. He got what he came for, to be a woman.

She now thought, what she lost in strength she gained in agility, but she would have to adjust to her new body to hike and climb her way back to civilization. She then thought to herself that women can do anything, and smiled embracing her new life, ready to accept the challenge. She was looking forward to starting a new life, but more importantly couldn’t wait to go shopping for some cute shoes, tops, and skirts to embrace her new found femininity.


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