Some day

Who’d believe that I used to be a nerd, huh?
I thought it was a suspicious when I was invited to a party at John’s house. For years he’d bullied me but a party at a popular person’s home was too good an opportunity to miss.
When I arrived, John let me in and I walked into the living room. No one else was here. Suddenly the I heard the door close.
He pinned me down and began to rip off my clothes. He injected a strange fluid into my arm, sending a painful yet pleasurable sensation throughout my body.
My skin began to tingle, becoming smooth and hairless. My bones shrank down and my hands became petite. My skull changed to a much softer, rounder shape. Hair shot out of my head and cascaded down to my lower back in luscious, blonde strands.
My chest felt strange as it began to expand outwards. The two developing mounds grew and grew until I was left with DD breasts hanging from my chest.
Finally, my penis retracted inside my body until I had a new vagina. John threw a tank top at me and ordered me to put it on. I’m his slave now and I’ve been serving him for about three weeks. Right now, I’m having a “Daily Examination” to see if the drug’s effect is wearing off.
The drug forbids me disobeying him, but all I want to do is escape; before I turn into a horny sex-hungry slave. I’ll escape… someday.


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