Her Revenge (Part 8)

Jeff rubbed his thick hot cock against my pussy, making sure the head of your cock caught against my newly formed clit. The sensitivity of that little nub blew my mind and remove any bit of doubt I had about doing this.

Jeff seemed to have a much greater understanding of women than I expected. He knew this would get me trembling and would make me even wetter than I already was. Jeff seemed to know that once he started to tease me, I wouldn’t be able to resist.

As my pussy began to drip, Jeff knew it was time. I was as ready to have a cock in me as I ever would be. Having been a woman for less than a few hours, I had no time to even think of getting on birth control. My love for taking women without a condom left me with none in the house. This was the ultimate risk. But I still thought I could stop in time… right?

Jeff began to rub his thick, hot cock a bit faster and I finally couldn’t take it.

“Put the damn thing in me”, I begged.

With no hesitation, he began to slid his cock into my warm, wet pussy. I moaned, loving the feeling of this newly formed pussy being split by that heavenly cock. There was no longer any concerns that I had been a man but a few hours ago and all that mattered was here and now, this cock in my pussy.

As soon as Jeff began to thrust, I knew that the risks were huge. Pregnancy could happen if he came in me. My life could forever be altered. In spite of all of this, all I could bring myself to say was, “Fuck me”.

And he did.


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