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Her Revenge (Part 8)

Jeff rubbed his thick hot cock against my pussy, making sure the head of your cock caught against my newly formed clit. The sensitivity of that little nub blew my mind and remove any bit of doubt I had about doing this. Read more

Her Revenge (Part 2)

I played with myself wrapped in a towel for a moment and realized I had a greater opportunity at hand. I found a dildo that my ex had left at my apartment and suctioned it to the wall. As I tried to get myself into position, the dildo kept sliding off the wall. Read more

Not the homecoming Sara expected

Jeff had always loved dressing as a girl. There was a part of him that wished he could become one for just a day or two. When he met the witch who said she could make his wildest dreams come true, he just had to try. Read more

Best Swap

Michael and Linda had been feeling their relationship was growing stagnant. When linda came across the spell, she wasn’t sure how Michael would handle it. Read more